About Rae

My name is Rae and I lived on a narrowboat on the Kennet and Avon Canal with my two gorgeous cats, Ginny and Duck, prior to undertaking to going on a bit of a cycle ride … starting the day after the Spring Equinox, 2015.  I was late leaving, as usual, and a friend sagely told me that it would be just my luck to have missed the ‘greatest party in history’ because I was running a day late from the start of this very unplanned and ramshackle adventure!





I made the conscious decision to be out of the country for one of my significant birthdays and am doing this trip to remind myself that life is short and that I need to sieze the opportunities that I can create myself. I decided not to complete this trip for any charity as I am investing the importance of the trip in my own personal development and achievements however if you are reading this and you feel that this is missing and is something you want to do then let me encourage you to make a donation of time to one of your local charities or to a person you know would benefit from the support.

At one stage I believed I was doing this trip ‘solo’ but have come to realise that I have a massive support team behind me and with me in thought – to you all much love and thanks. Xxx

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    1. Hey Samba, Thank you and thanks for the invite to your birthday bash … sorry I cannot make it and I bet it will be as awesome as your 16th!! xxx


  1. Hi Rae. My names Alex, a fellow Englishperson who is cycling around the world. I’ve just learned from some previous acquaintances of yours that I’m about a week behind you. I’m currently visa hunting in Tbilisi, and will hopefully be going north, then taking Kazakhstan east towards China. If your taking it easy en route to India let me know and maybe we can appease our inner monologues! Great winter photo’s of the barge BTW. Send me an email – lovepump_31@msn.com (Spinal Tap reference, nothing else)


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