14th : Dark dancing

Getting up, painlessly.

Like a leaf,

Blown on the wind.

Dancing is when

You tear your heart out

And rise out of your body

To hang,


between the worlds.

Forget every

touch or sound

that does not

teach you how to



There are times when cycling alone that the internal darkness of the psyche can rise up and threaten to overwhelm me.  These times are infrequent and no less intense and disquieting for that infrequency.

Recent times of illness and loss of physical and emotional confidence and stability have been tough and have proven that the only thing that I can rely on in this life is change.

Anichur … the concept on Impermanence.

The less I hold on and the more adept I am at riding the wave, bending like a reed or fluidly dancing the Dance, accepting the present with grace and adaptability, knowing that it will change and that nothing stays the same …

Then I will endure.

Not in the the same way, not in the same state and not with the same things that I used to hold close to me.

The evolution of the self, the realisation of sickness and death, the loss of ability, the narciscism and recognition of pride.  Shame, fear, anxiety, guilt, ego.

All areas of the dark which it becomes impossible to avoid when I spend time alone.

Spending time in the Light inevitably means visiting the Dark.