21st : Snow

See the world through the eyes of a tourist, see the world through the eyes of a chid.

I feel that I have been away for so long I am looking back at places I love in England with something of the rosy eyed glow of a nostalgic tourist and loving this video of the Tor in snow and the people who gather there for high days and holi-days!

Travelling across different countries and different climactic and time zones leaves me with a lot of emotional confusion regarding having friends and family in an area that is currently having seasonal weather which has absolutely no bearing on my current experience.   However as a result of the amount of social media and therefore continuous ‘attachment’ to the UK that there is available I feel that it is much more difficult to truly be ‘away’ when travelling.

There is now a portion of me in the orginating/family/friends state (England), a portion of me in the place that I am actually currrently located (India) and a portion of me in the nebulous, ether state of the Internet.  In addition to this there is the expectation from many of the people that I have met that they hold a piece of me too!!  Sometimes if feels like there just isn’t enough me to spread around but since it’s the holidays I am making transcontinental efforts to mentally stretch to all these places and hold the threads of all these places

Just as the lack of social reference to the Christmas holiday leaves me feeling holiday lack lustre and forgetful, sitting in the sun, feeling the temperature rise dramatically through the day and then drop, but only slightly, at night, leaves me forgetful of the Gergorian calander and consigns me to a ‘summertime’ mentality with the present situation displaying early sunsets (17:30hrs) and middling sunrises (06:45hrs) and cycling temeperatures which thankfully, currently neither distress not limit me.

So finally, on what I know for some is a cold, dark mid winter day, when the sun, thankfully starts its steady progression back up the arc of the sky to mid summer, the important question is …

Who fancies ham, egg and chips?!

ham, egg and chips-1
Because it reminds me of you, oh my beauty, England!