24th : With love

I am incredibly lucky to have so many friends across this world and so making this is a stretch for me but this I have slowly learnt that keeping things inside (thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams) never helps and so here are some of my thoughts for some special people.

This video was made in the hope that it conveys to some of my young friends the amazing things that I have seen, the way in which I have travelled, the possibilities that there are in this regard and the hope that they will soon be travelling across the world with the open hearts and open minds that I know their families are nurturing them to develop.

I have and still am learning many life lessons from travelling and one of the big ones is the simple fact that there are so many more good people in the world than are people with hearts of hate.

The divisiveness of much of the things we are taught is incorrect – we are all so similar in the things that really matter and children are, of course, the best teachers in the things that really matter.

I have found myself being taught language, skills and specific social behaviours by the most adept teachers – children – simply becuse they cut through a lot of the social rubbish and engage with me as they see fit … with love, a sometimes shocking honesty and a pragmatism that engages the moment, in the raw and real depth of my and their person.

To all the young friends I have – this is made for you (with love if not polish!)

Happy Winter Holiday xxx

video shot