The Chuysky Tract: Siberia’s Silk Road

As recently as January this year I had no thoughts, images or understanding of Siberia (or Russia for that matter) beyond frozen wastes and the vague concept that Siberia was a desolate place to which people with political and intellectual views contrary to the Russian powers of the time, were banished and forced to attempt... Continue Reading →


To date, I think I can say with complete authenticity, that Mongolia has been the hardest country I have cycled in!  The country broke my camera, broke Tilly and at times came near to breaking me ... I lost kit, I lost money and at times I came near to completely losing perspective but as... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on (leaving) Turkey ….

Leaving Turkey was with a mixture of excitement to be moving on to another place, culturally and topographically, and sadness because Turkey is the country that I had spent the longest amount of time so far, learnt the greatest amount of the language, seen the most 'sights' and have met the most people ... both... Continue Reading →

Central Turkey and the Plains

Into Konya and the Windy Plains Cycling from Pamukkale through the region with Burdur, Egirdir and Beysehir Golu is really breathtaking, cycling past incredible mountain ranges, across wide open space, up hills that then reach another high plateau ...which completely messes with my head -  it goes up but not down ????!! My surroundings are... Continue Reading →

(In) The Company of Fools

So here is strange thing .... Cycling alone is an amazing experience ... however I spend a lot of time talking to myself and the things in 'my world' that I rely on so heavily .... and which I have named or designated importance to and subsequently talk to ... Tilly is the obvious one... Continue Reading →

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