West Bengal: India

Following the rickshaw drivers across the bridge back into India I feel elated to be back in the country and simultaneously felt as if I had never left.
The jostling of people, lorries, tuktuks and rickshaws crossing over the river, all stopping and starting with fierce jabs on (…)

East Nepal

It’s with a heightened sense of excitement, expectation and fear that I finally leave Kathmandu. Later than I had ‘planned’ has become the norm and I should therefore be adding on VAT (value added time) to any decisions I make. Logistical issues surrounding finance (…)

A Winter Countdown

Some thinking, some writing.  Memories and musings.  A collection of thoughts directly and indirectly influenced by this Festive season, images and thoughts I decided to share with you.  Follow along on the Calendar and ‘Festive’ project page for a daily (…)


Sitting around in Kathmandu.  Visa anxiety.  Long overdue route consideration. Self doubt.  Questions about life choices and personal identity.
Endless opportunity for contemplating the long journey to reach here, the people I have met, the places I have seen (…)

Ego Check Chiang Mai

Imagine standing in a car park in the middle of Chiang Mai, Thailand, clutching a coffee pot to your chest like it is the last line of defence against emotional oblivion (it is) and choking back hot, salty tears of frustration, rage and (right there at the back) of recognition and self (…)


Where to start .. the beginning almost doesn’t make sense because it’s so far away and so many personal layers have been uncovered and shed in a process of sickness and rebirth which sounds cliched and overly dramatic and was, or rather is, a reality I never expected (…)

Varanasi – River, religion, ritual

Varanasi, Benaras, Kashi …
City of a thousand years.  City of the Sadhus. City with a list of names as long as it’s list of attributes. The city of Temples, Religion, Art, Culture, Tradition and Education … one of the oldest, still very much alive and very vibrant, living cities (…)

Vicarious adventuring?!

  Dare I mention the dread ‘C’ word?! Is NYE any better?! After all, I am so far away from the socio-cultural signs that indicate this time of year to me that I have only just realised the date and am in shock that I am still getting the required amount of vitamin D! So…

Why is (gender) violence still an issue?

25th November 2017 – UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 200 million ….. 71% of all trafficking …. 35% of the global population ….. 1 in 3 These stats are intended to be be incomplete … I want you to look at the United Nations page in order to understand the…

The (he)art of travel

  There is no ‘correct’ way, no predetermined route … I make Plan B (for backup!) and Plan A evolves as I meander my way across the face of the globe!! The fear of missing out (FOMO!!) on something or someone or somewhere is still within my psyche but as I have travelled my philosophy…