The (he)art of travel


There is no ‘correct’ way, no predetermined route … I make Plan B (for backup!) and Plan A evolves as I meander my way across the face of the globe!!

The fear of missing out (FOMO!!) on something or someone or somewhere is still within my psyche but as I have travelled my philosophy of ‘I go left I see left, I go right I see right … I cannot be in both places at the same time so every choice is a good one and will lead me somewhere’ has helped me to manage this.

If I didnt have this philosophy and I made and stuck with plans I wouldnt have met the amazing people I have met or ended up in some of the most wonderful and random situations … places I had never expected to be.

Seizing offers and opportunities always lands me some unexpected and often gives me insights previously unthought and ideas previously untapped.

Related Book recommendation “The Art of Travel” Alain de Botton …


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British born, longterm in the nomadic life. In Bath it was boats. Currently its bikes. The eternal search for a place called home but not with any sense of sadness. The joy derived from the journey is incredible. Following my passions for visual and linguistic narration I am writing and snapping my way across the planet, one pedal at a time. Contact me and let's see what we can collaborate on!

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