Vicarious adventuring?!


Dare I mention the dread ‘C’ word?! Is NYE any better?!

After all, I am so far away from the socio-cultural signs that indicate this time of year to me that I have only just realised the date and am in shock that I am still getting the required amount of vitamin D!

So … if you are stuck for gift ideas then please take a look at my newly organised ‘Get Involved’ and ‘Contribute to the Cycle’ pages!!

Why not consider making a donation on behalf of your best friend via the links provided or getting that difficult second cousin a ‘beautiful handwritten postcard’ or a set of Combination Photo prints (made to your ‘desired specifications’) and sent from my current location (December 2017, Himachal Pradesh, India) to arrive just in time to send them non-denominational good wishes at the start of the coming year, 2018!!!


I am very lucky to have met some amazing people whilst cycling, a large number of which are involved in giving back to their local communities in a variety of practical ways and who have inspired me to find ways in which I might be able to do the same.

I am hoping that I will be able to to make a contribution to some charities that I believe in … And … if I can provide something that will brighten up your ‘fridge/day, make you, your loved ones, friends and/or family smile or feel part of this adventure and linked to all parts of our amazing world …

Well then … that’s just great!! ❤️

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