Reaching Prague in the evening in the rain was actually my best experience of Prague.  It is a beautiful city but since I was not feeling in the best physical health I don’t think I really gave Prague the best shot.

DSC03580 (Copy)
View of Prage across the Donau
DSC03617 (Copy)
Prague castle in the rain from the bridge
DSC03589 (Copy)
Prague Old Town Square
DSC03590 (Copy)
Old Town City Hall and Tilly
DSC03615 (Copy)
Charles Bridge in the rain – the quietest I saw it

Having found a cheap hostel I settled in and spent the next couple of days sleeping a lot and eating healthy food in a bid to get myself well.

I was lucky to be able to have a night staying with a Warm Showers host, Patrick – an English ex-pat living and working in Praha.  This was really helpful for my mental health as I had someone to chat with in English and a vague sense of home … all thanks to PJ since I dont’t think I was the best company and he was on a time schedule, heading off to the UK the following day to see his mother … we did manage to get out for 1 Plisner Urqwell (beer)though!

Despite feeling a bit wobbly I get to walk around Praha quite a bit and enjoy some of the sights …

DSC03596 (Copy)
Statue on Charles Bridge
DSC03623 (Copy)
Dancing house – inspired by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – guess which is which!!
DSC03622 (Copy)
Central Praha
DSC03613 (Copy)
Astronomical clock in Old Town Square

I also meet a group of Mexicans in the hostel who are participating in the Battle of the Nations – the Olympic Games of the Medieval Tournament circuit – which is being held in Praha this weekend!  Hilarious reports of the tournament and their purchasing of armour and battle paraphanalia!!

DSC03626 (Copy)
S1 hostel

I leave Praha on my birthday after unsuccesfully searching for the tournament grounds and deciding that I am not pushing a fully loaded Tilly around any more ..

DSC03645 (Copy)
Birthday Cake
DSC03644 (Copy)
Sunny day and heading out of town
DSC03774 (Copy)
Searching for the BOTN but find a wonderful view of Praha .. good to leave the city on a high!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie says:

    Hi, I hope your wearing your sparkle!!
    Happy Birthday, Prague looks fantastic and do hope your feeling better x sophie


  2. impetuoustoo says:

    Amazing blog Rae! Can’t believe you kept quiet about all this… just like someone else we know.
    Keep it up, one pedal, one more pedal, one post or something, we want to know how you’re doing. How come Fred Estaire got a building in so many countries?! Glad to see you, Tilly and Robbie are holding up well. Take a break when you can though, no sense in rushing anywhere…

    Cycled past Camlo yesterday on the way to see Ken, she looks just fine. Let us know if you need anything. Can post stuff to you or check on stuff or whatever.

    Freedom, luck and love,

    Ruth and Dunc


    1. Rae says:

      Thanks for the message! Loving your photo updates of crewing!!! Xxx


  3. Emma Dunphy says:

    Your photos of Prague are just beautiful! I’d love to go there again and seeing it through your eyes makes me miss it all the more (and you of course!). I hope your travels are going well and that you’re feeling better now. Keep up the good work, I’m really enjoying reading about your trip!


    1. Rae says:

      Yo Em, hope the classes are going well and you are having a fun summer! Thanks for the lovely message, glad you like the photos … no photo ever does justice to what I am seeing … its a constant frustration which I am trying to manage and enjoy the visual moment rather than capture it!! Xxx rae


  4. cady says:

    Hey Rach, Just thought id message you and say we have been thinking about you. Hope you are feeling better and your foot has healed…damn that foot! We love reading your blog. We miss you, love you, chin up and keep on adventuring! Love Cady, Billy and the Sausages xx


    1. Rae says:

      Hey kids and sausages!! hope you are having fun and frolics in the summertime!! Festival frenzy must abound!!! Love you xxxx


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