Add me …. you don’t have to like me!!!!

20150623_111827 (Copy)

You may not quite believe it but I am still here!!  I’m sorry the posts are still a) sporadic b) very behind and c) much less interesting and informative than I for one had intended them being …

In order to rectify a) and b) to some degree please send me a message on (eeeek) Facebook and there is a slim chance I will be better at posting photos and irrelevant commentary which should convince the sceptical that I am still alive and peddling!!!

I often have Facebook set to private since I am applying for visas and know from other travellers that it is a site sometimes checked by various authorities .. so you will need to send me a ‘message’ if the ‘friend’ option is not visible and I will add you!

Search … Rae Hadley or @wideeyedviews and wait for me to add you …. !! Sorry yes the stumbling block is still me!!!  But there is always hope …

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