(In) The Company of Fools

So here is strange thing ….

Cycling alone is an amazing experience … however I spend a lot of time talking to myself and the things in ‘my world’ that I rely on so heavily …. and which I have named or designated importance to and subsequently talk to …

Tilly is the obvious one but everything that I carry has taken on a level of importance I have not encountered in my life before.

Its a certain type of attachment that has nothing to do with financial value but relates to them being the components that provide structure and security and keep me safe.

I most keenly feel this at times of stress and when i am struggling physically the part of my body that is most problematic takes on a separate identity … an externalization of my anxiety.

Unsurprisingly then I was completely at a loss (figuratively and actually) when I lost my beloved cafetiere mug … i felt that the team was a *man down* and was much more upset at the loss than just missing out on a morning *proper coffee* would countenance.

This may all appear strange but given the right circumstances it is amazing what level of importance and anthropamorphisation one will give to inanimate objects …

This interests me because it is a personal study into the ways that I try to control my immediate Environment and articles associated with it.

A cycling friend in Germany, Sophie, has also expressed the importance of basis when you are so dependant on them … something we don’t often encounter in Western Europe … she has her trusty old bike wheel on her wall … it took her around S E Asia – much of it alone – and cannot be parted from it.

None of my thoughts are new but to be able to engage with them on this Level is interesting – the Level also fluctuates depending on whether I am able to conceptualize at any given time that this is an ongoing journey and is not just a short ‘Holiday’ from which I will return in the near future … human thinking is really flexible and I find I switch in and out of different types of thinking at the drop of a hat!

Together we continue – long may it be so – and as a team we make up the Company of Fools!!!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Andy says:

    Sounds like an epic adventure. We finally found you again… well kind of!
    Big lick from zak the big black dog 🙂 x


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