A bit of Tibetan song and dance

Spending time in Kangding, a town on the border of the area that is now the TAR but that used to be within the Kham region of Tibet (more on China and Tibet in a different post), meant visiting the town square in the evening and getting involved in the circle dancing that the local Tibetan’s did nightly … even when it was cold, and even when I was the only foreigner there!!!

The steps and the timings are so different to the European styles that I am used to that in spite of my usual assumption and life long assertion that I can dance to anything and quickly master any steps, I felt like a fool and struggled through the evening with very little grace … but still loved it.  This tune was one that followed me across the grasslands at different times over the following year.  It is one I still love now – the melody remains in my head and the sensation of movement remains in my body long after I have moved on!  I hope you enjoy it too …. xx

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  1. Hi Rae, I think you are now riding in India, and I said that I did not like it that much, cycling in India, but I do hope you LOVE it! I am curious to how you experience India on the bicycle. I wish you all the best, and what a great place you used to live in! Beautiful! Much regards Cindy


    1. Rae says:

      Hey Cindy! Apologies for the delay! Yes I am finally in India!!! After an incredible time in Pakistan … a place I must return to!!! Currently I am travelling with my brother so the experience is different as a result of not being solo! So far I’ve only really seen a bit of Himachal, which is stunning … this conversation will be continued!! Hope all is good with you .. sending best wishes and happy trails your way!!! xxx

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      1. Hi Rae, so you loved Pakistan too? So did I. That is the trouble with traveling, wanting to return when it is great. I hope you do enjoy cycling with your brother even though it is so different. How did you enter Himachal? I wish you too stunning beauty and endless views. Enjoy the world!
        X Cindy


      2. Rae says:

        Yes!!!! Some places have a special feel though and because I got sick at the end I feel I missed some good times in Lahore .. and want to explore some more!!!! So far I have been through Dharamshala and Bir in Himachal … going to go to Manali and then … well a possible route change South!!! As ever I dont know the plan until it occurs!!! Great to hear from you xxx


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