Sometime thinker, annoying debater and cycle/photography/write/repeat enthusiast, I am developing a greater love of narrative expression as I travel, using both word and visuals to share my evolving surroundings with others.

Sometimes joyful, sometimes painful … life happens within me and around me in equal measure.

Predominantly travelling by trusty bicycle (Tilly) I am fortunate to be able to meet and be welcomed by people from varied backgrounds, across a multitude of situations.  Experiencing humanity at its best and sometimes its worst is a privilege and one I don’t consider lightly.

My ethics surrounding the writing and images I take of people are informed by as much consent as possible.  To objectify others in any way (for their difference or their similarity or their behaviours or their beliefs) is not something I want to be part of.  Images are usually a shared experience and part of a wider relationship context.  Street photography is of course a different matter but my stance of ‘harm none’ applies here as well and I aim to be as sensitive as possible in this regard.

Get in touch with me as I travel … for collaboration, photography, writing and even just out of curiosity!  I love meeting up with people for food, coffee and to chat about life, travel and everything else that matters to us.