Get Involved!


So you fancy getting involved??!!  That’s great!! And there are many ways in which you can be involved in this ongoing adventure …

  • Message me!!  I’m very happy to receive emails, the contact form below and messages via other social media with tidbits of information, ideas or suggestions.
  • Stop me!!!  If I am in your area keep an eye open for me … I love to stop and chat!!
  • Host me!! Again, if I am in your area and you are up for hosting me then please get in touch … I use Warm Showers and Couchsurfing as much as possible but if you don’t then feel free to use the contact form below.
  • Cycle with me!!!  If we are in the same area then why not get in touch … maybe we can share some of the touring experience!!
  • Read the blog … check out the photographs … comment!! It helps me to feel that my thoughts and feelings are not just disappearing into thin air!!!
  • Share your thoughts about my travels with your friends, maybe they will get in touch … it’s amazing how many wonderful new contacts I have made through friends and friends of friends!
  • Make a donation to the charities I have highlighted …. thank you seems too simple!
  • Support me … by buying me a meal or treating yourself to a postcard from wherever I happen to be at any given time!!!  In fact don’t limit yourself, why not order a set for your friends and family!!!!

However you get involved it is appreciated!! ❤️