Contribute to the Cycle!

In spite of originally saying that I did not want to focus on cycling for charity I have changed my mind!

If you have any interest in this ongoing experiment in making cycling a viable lifestyle choice and medium through which I experience, explore and give back to the world please consider making a contribution to one of the charities mentioned below.

I have attached links to Amnesty International and the Bristol Bike Project.  I would be overjoyed if you felt able to support them.I believe in the fight for human rights and spiritual freedom that Amnesty International supports and that the many people’s including the Tibetan people, many of them being born into exile from their homeland, now, sadly, have to endure.

The work that the Bristol Bike Project does in supporting and empowering often marginalised people and specifically women and refugees in the Bristol area is fantastic and, I believe, essential to the continued development of the wider community.

I have also added links for SaferWorld which is working towards greater global cooperation and a focus on positive conflict resolution, concepts that need as much support as possible to flourish and become the norm, making violent conflict (which benefits a select few) a thing of the past.

All of these organisations aim to improve the situations and circumstances for people locally and worldwide not just through providing financial assistance but through the development of ideas, through education, through awareness and through the individual making a difference.

Please feel free to use the Requirements form below to advise me if you make a donation via these links … (you can write ‘anonymous’ on the name field if you wish).

The Bristol Bike Project bristol_bike_project_logo.jpg__206x140_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscale

Amnesty InternationalAI image


Should you wish to contribute to me personally then please consider these options … (50% of anything you put on the below PayPal button will go to the charities)

  • £3 will buy me a meal!  … If you wish to buy me more meals then feel free to increase the quantity at will!!
  • £6 will get you a handwritten postcard (chosen by me) from the region/country I am in.
  • £30 will get you a set of 3 original Wide Eyed Views combination photographic prints (from the Photography page or you can make a request regarding 3 photos you want me to take!)

NB I cannot provide photos of polar bears in India and I may not see a tiger but am happy to oblige with ‘post box’ or ‘market scene’ or ‘flags’ or ‘yellow’!!

I like projects so feel free to be ‘openly specific’ … I will let you know if it’s an impossible task!!

Please remember that these are amature photographs, that the print quality will reflect the region I am in and that I will have done my best to give you an authentic taste of my travels in the region!!

Please also note that image copywrite will be retained by me and the images may be used on my site!

  • The names of supporters will be added to the designated page and have my heartfelt gratitude for the practical assistance given!!


How to Order

To order any of the above please click on the PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button, adjust the quantity to reflect what you want to buy (increase the multiples of £3 to the desired option level) and fill in the requirements form below … you don’t need a PayPal account just a bank card!!

Buy Now Button

All the specifics will have to provide in the form below …

  • Specify what you are buying – meal(s), postcard(s) or print(s) – for multiple or complex orders please feel free to send a contact form , I will be in touch!
  • Image content for prints or name of combination Views … without this you will receive a selection chosen by me!
  • Postal address (required)
  • Date required by – please give at least 3 weeks if it’s for a special occasion.  Postal systems across regions differ.  I will do my best to ensure it gets to its destination on time.
  • Specific message if desired … If I know it’s a gift for someone else I can tailor it!
  • Who from … yes, please write this as you want it to read if it’s for someone else … Uncle Jeff and Mr Buckley may be the same person but probably not to the receiver!

Ta – Dah!!!!  Now sit back, bask in the joy of giving and receiving and await the arrival of the post!!!!

Thank you generous reader and benefactor!! I hope you enjoy your slice of my adventure!!

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