Camping spots and tent shots – a gallery


Stonebridge – pretty sure this is where Topo went awol.


Petersfield garage in the background – unfortunately in the morning a confused Husky hit the side of the tent not understanding what it was. No damage to tent or dog!




Wisborough Green – comfortable bus shelter! Very early start! I am getting up at 5am when wild camping and getting away pretty quick smart! So far, so good!!

No photo for Rye as it was so early for mad dash to Folkestone and it was too dark!



My morning view across the coast at Grand-Fort-Phillippe.


Very odd static caravan/campsite at Bray-Dune.  It was inhabited by the over 70s and was marketed by having a cardiac defibrillator!


Campsite near Koudekerke – Netherlands.  Waiting for a stove part. It started off as a beautiful, still but cold night then 0230hrs – BANG@#$!& – 85km/hr winds and lashing rain which continued all night.   Robbie has held his own amazingly well.  Long may he continue to do so!


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  1. Jay says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh! Rae we have found you! Yippie! You have been busy – what a great blog (How do you have time to cycle?) So glad it is going well so far – look forward to the continuing adventure. Much love,Jay Amira and Souad


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