One Pedal, One Pedal!

When I first mentioned attempting this trip to a friend I was given maximum encouragement and a question – ‘how?’

My response to her was the same as it had been to everyone else – ‘its just one pedal then one pedal – millions of times’!!

The basis of this is from the saying – “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”.


There are already times that this feels achievable and that the steps or pedals taken seem smooth and then there are other times when I feel like I am ‘not the sort of person who can do this’.

Luckily for me at these times, because cycling is such a bodily activity, my physical self just keeps Tilly going whilst the other bit of me is thinking about being cold/tired/lonely/hungry/worried and not able to ‘do this’! Until I pull myself back together.

In addition to this I have a great collection of tangible reminders from friends and family at home – amongst them a travelling stone, 2 turtles (slow steady wins the race!) and Tilly’s headset top – an essential bit of kit and one I see everytime I get my head down either for a long climb or because I’m having a strop.


I cannot be sad with this view of Tilly let alone all the amazing views I have already been part of and the ones yet to be encountered.




  1. Samantha says:

    Crazy lady! I expect to see photos of you doing the polka in far flung lands. How long do you envisage the journey taking? We’re just having a massive party for our significant birthdays. Love you lots from the Starrs xxx


  2. Eggah says:

    YEAH!!! So pleased to see you here/there! I’ve been wondering about you! Reg has just flopped on my lap, he must be curious too! Hope your trip continues most fantastically lovely, hooraysies for yousies!!! Xxxxxx


  3. Kristýna Nekardová says:

    Dear Rae,
    I’m so sorry that I’m writing to you so late, but I was very busy. I’d like know how are you ? I wish you health, happiness and happy end to your trip.


    • Rae says:

      Hi Kristyna, all is well with me – Im sorry I take so long to reply! Leaving Budapest today and am trying to get the photos of the wonderful time I spent at Vera’s house done … great memories! xxx


  4. Graham Ramsey says:

    Hey wild child,
    Great to see you’re out there, most people your age are imploding!
    If you ever reach watery stuff again, I’ve always got room for a bike.
    Love and the good stuff


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